Friday, August 6, 2010

Step Up 3D: Robot Rock With Madd Chadd

Step Up 3(D) comes out today, and sadly because of Lollapalooza, it's going to have to wait. I'll be forced to hold out until sometime next week to finally see it. Until then though, I will just watch this clip repeatedly. I am pretty sure I could do this...if I had several seizures leaving me with minimal control of my muscles. I would have a hard time believing some of "glitching"(where it looks like they slowed or sped up the video) if not for having seen this guy dance before. Big fan of the 'come here' at :18 (look out for me to use that one ladies), and a great shoutout(so I claim) to Charlie Davies with the Stanky Leg at :31-:37. For those curious, the main dancer is Madd Chadd Smith and the music is from the song Pinball by Akira Kiteshi.


  1. that was by far the best dance scene in the movie when they do all that battling against red hook then at the end they send in the HAMMER (robot) to finish them off....sooooo nassttyyyyy

  2. The guy at the bottom-right corner at 0:43 really failed... It was perfect until somebody recalled that...

  3. we watched him over and over soooo good and wicked music selection