Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not So Epic Bar Tab

I spotted this gem in a post titled Epic Bar Tab. Initially it seems absurdly impressive, and I would have loved to been a participant in this occasion...with the exception of the paying part. Then, upon closer examination, I noticed that there were 10 people. I broke down the actual amount spent on booze, not food/tax/tip, and it was only $1000. If you haven't racked up $100 bar tab before, I don't want to know you. No, we can't party together. You can't tag along next time I go out. You can't even comment on this post (unless you are under 21, in which case you haven't yet proven yourself unworthy). You haven't lived until you've woken up in the morning, checked your credit card receipt, and sworn off drinking. Oh, and don't be that jackass that realizes it's in Canada and therefore monopoly money. Their currency is better than ours at the moment.
via NextRound

Bonus points to this bar though for having an option be to "add guacamole party." Who wouldn't want a guacamole party?

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  1. i reallllly want a cheeseburger spring roll.